starter point
Training and Assimilation

IP infrastructure

Starter-point IP solution integrates all low voltage Building Systems on one robust IP network.

Our solution offers an integrated, open-standard, IP-based approach for all your low-voltage systems.

Whether it is HVAC, Lighting, Energy, Access, Security, Communications or Fire and Safety devices – we provide a single converged IP network that will integrate them 

 IP infrastructure

Training and Assimilation

Starter point training and deployment division is a leading company in the field of computer training, information technology and software assimilation. Our vision is to help our customers and their business grow through quality learning experience, thus making them more professional and innovative.

The division offers training services, implementation, assimilation and learning from end to end. By carrying out surveys and mapping out the needs of the corporate and private organizations, we build a solution and organize trainings that best suits the organization and the employees to undergo the training.The solutions consider behavioral change in practice of the trainee while working on the basis of substances learned in the course. 


A client can get the service in full compliance with customer requirements, scope and place convenient to them, from a variety of courses and training activities at our centers.

Starter point training Center is recognized by all computer companies, the media and the world's leading software firms.


Assimilation and implementations

  • Solutions for assimilation and implementation are divided into several lines of activity: Training and implementation of information systems ERP/CRM Enterprise Portal, Bland enterprise computing users, Office Management of training projects and emphasis change management and marketing processes of assimilation and income enterprise information systems
  • Survey of gaps in knowledge and use of organizational information systems
  • Training and development, including those in English, are based on advanced development methodologies
  • Implementation of training and actual on-site implementation of information systems and technologies
  • e-Learning services (including training development and technological development) and other integrated learning processes of learning MS Office environment
  • Providing professional advisers (PS) in management training, training development, training, deployment and e-Learning