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Servers and applications

Servers and applications

Servers software and command and control systems


The division specializes in projects that improve the performance and capabilities of enterprise computing infrastructure, both on servers and end stations, including; Installation configuration  and upgrade of end users' systems (workstations, office tools, Server based Computing environments and other tools).


The services include but are not limited to; addition of infrastructure that facilitate the management, improving the performance of the enterprise network, including command and control, archiving,  virtualization and DRP solutions, Conversion of physical servers, virtual enterprise environments.


We also provide services such as:

Enterprise server upgrade to Server 2008
Implementation of configuration management systems and System Center Configuration Manager - SCCM.
Implementation of management systems and virtual environments, multiple servers by Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager - SCVMM,
and project planning and implementation upgrade Exchange 2010 Enterprise Systems


Server operating systems and application infrastructures;

Windows 2008, Windows 2003
Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010
Forefront UAG, TMG, Client Security, exchange
IT management environments-SCCM - The Microsoft SCCM
Live Communication Server
SQL 2005, SQL 2008 Clusters - Web server clusters to increase the survivability of the systems
Virtual-based solutions for Hyper-V
Thin Clients Virtual environments computers saving tip - Sun-Ray
Windows Server Update Services - Distribution Services Security and Patches


Solutions for end stations and end-user environments enterprise:

- Control and monitoring tool for end stations SCCM

- System Center solutions for Thin Clients Virtual Environments
- Application Virtual packaging, testing and distribution of enterprise applications end-stations by platform: Microsoft App-V - as part of software distribution technologies and organizational efficiency

- Our experts use App-V for customers to establish environments of Application Serving Organization users without the need of doing a software installation on any of  the organization's PCs.


This method has many advantages associated with maintenance, enterprise software deployment services, support and security for the same enterprise applications, with emphasis on Legacy Applications and complexity of such installation on end users computers.


Starter-Point markets the company's software solution Sight Ayehu (eyeShare) system to automate IT troubleshooting, fault identification and implementation of automated workflow processes for malfunctions. 


Benefits of eyeShare are;


- Reduction of problem identification and correction time by managing the entire process with the participation of individuals in the process and implementation processes System

- Run-Book Automation of IT Support & Operational Tasks. 

Starter-Point has been active for years in the Virtualization Anemone's strengths is the close cooperation with SUN company (acquired by Oracle) as well as our longstanding relationship with Microsoft in terms of products.


Management systems, command and control:

System Center Operations Manager - Proactive monitoring system of servers and network infrastructure - formerly MOM
System Center Service Manager
System Center Configuration Manager-system for managing, controlling, monitoring, software distribution, end stations to servers
Microsoft DPM - Data Protection Manager
Ayehu - eyeShare - automation of IT processes Troubleshooting