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Software (developing)

Software (developing)

Starter-point Software Division specializes in providing custom-made software solutions to satisfy the special needs of each client. 


Starter-Point's orderly and methodical software project management ensures the most optimal performance while meeting high standards of quality end productivity. 


Starter-Point design and build software using the most advanced methodologies for professional graphic user interfaces (GUI),  equally important - are based on human engineering designs,  and tests on groups of users, ensuring easy operation of the software by even an inexperienced user.


At the end of the development process, the customer receives software product that are ready for use, with the software installation guide (Setup) that is simple to operate allowing seamless installation of software for the organization or clients. 


Starter-Point offers services after installation of the product, such as help-desk and support team. We also provide online updates and tutorials for all our products.


Over the years, we have been involved in developing solutions for companies and large organizations around the world.


We present technological innovation and solutions to all project constraints, be it a  big bank financial system, trading system, supermarket chain computer system or emergency and rescue force – Starter-Point provides an integrated solution including all components of the project, while assuring customers of complete success of the project.


We have a reputation for fair business practices and complete adherence to predetermined project rules. Starter-Point developer's team is well known for abiding to the standards and regulations applicable to all industries, combining hardware and software solutions that bring innovation to the customer allowing them improve business growth, promote services and streamline computer systems.


With a variety of experts, we provide oversight on all stages of your project, from consulting process characterization and analysis, business-process definition,  development and building to implementation, training and assimilation at all levels.


We are committed to our customers and attentive to their needs in order to provide solutions and we will help choose the right platform for them.


Our development team and project managers will work closely  with you, to ensure that you get exactly what you want, when you want it. Thanks to our open and transparent approach many of our clients choose us again and again,  either to continue operating an existing system or establish new systems.