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The Problem


Buildings have traditionally been divided into disparate systems using various technologies. This outdated approach, in addition to imposing fundamental financial inefficiencies, restricts scalability, interoperability, reliability and security, and prohibits effective space utilization.


Recent Advancement

In the past decade the Internet’s TCP/IP protocol was embraced by building system producers as a universal means of control and information distribution.


A complete integration of building automation systems with IT systems is the main concept encompassing today’s intelligent buildings. A single integrated environment allows various devices to share information and streamline it easily.  In addition, it enables adding new 3rd part IP-centric applications that facilitate new business applications never before possible.


Starter-Point Integrated Services -IP Solution
Starter-Point closes the integration gap between

IT technology and low-voltage Building Systems by using an innovative, cutting-edge IP solution.


How does it work?
Starter-Point supports the entire low-voltage building systems on one redundant (NOB3 standard) IP network. We provide an integrated, open-standard, IP-based solution for all your low-voltage systems.

Whether it is HVAC, Lightening, Energy, Access, Security, Communications or Fire and Safety device – we provide a single converged-IP network that integrates them into one robust system.


Starter-Point believes you should not be captive to any single vendor and offers an open-standard, vendor-independent solution that gives you full flexibility and control.


Throughout the years, Starter-Point has developed profound domain expertise in various industries. Our deep understanding in both IT and Low Voltage systems enables us to tailor the best solution for your needs.

The Benefits of Starter-Point Converged-IP solution:

Starter-Point IP solution provides the most holistic approach to low-voltage systems:

  • Integrates all the building systems that today’s buildings require
  • Provides flexible, end-to-end solutions that drive operational and financial benefits
  • Dedicated to open-standards and vendor-independent solutions
  • Offers unique industry expertise that allows us to tailor a customized solution for each business