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About us


The Quickyweb is an innovated platform that grows and develops with the global changes in the internet and www (World Wide Web).

About Us

STARTER-POINT is a leading IT "project producing" company.

Starter-point Integrated Services is Specialized in Designing, developing and implementing software, business solutions and Infrastructure.



As the complexity of making a project work  grows, we believe that just delivering software is not enough.


We at Starter-Point have developed a full scale of expertise that ensures a working project.

We call it "Project Producers".


Our corporate experience has spanned over a decade of field implementation of complex areas such as banking and financial business, governmental and construction solution all over the world.



Our infrastructure solution and modules are tailored to enhance operational and managerial efficiency.

As an outcome of our experience, we have the ability and knowhow to shorten the project time, by “breaking” it down to small, business focused projects and to deliver business benefits throughout all time frame of the project.


"Keep It Simple and Small…KISS". STARTER-POINT solutions utilize cutting-edge technologies, to provide our client with benefits of a business relationship with leading technology companies around the globe.


Our services are focused on the designing, development, building, and implementation of  total IT business solutions and strategies for organizations from a detailed architecture.


Our comprehensive solution provides Line Managers and Management with  decision making tools for planning and control, assessment, reviews as well as decision support guidance to achieve  the set target of an organization.  


We provide implementation strategies in the field of IT business solutions and modules for leading organization all over the world as well as public and private sectors of the economy, i.e financial institutions, Industries among others.


Our services include assessment, evaluation, audit, design, development and building of an overall IT solution strategy to support, guide and implement business solution and infrastructure deployment for our clienteles.


These services render a critical decision making platform to Line Managers and Management to meet an ever increasing and changing challenges of operational and managerial tasks.